Successful Treatment for Headache and Migraine Sufferers

*Diamond Headache Clinic’s goal is to rehabilitate, restore and improve function and independence, as well as to reduce the effects of the condition. Results may differ and no claims, promises or guarantees are being made or implied about the average, typical or expected results.

Here’s what patients like you say about their treatment at the Diamond Headache Clinic:

It’s just like, for me, being part of a family. I have been here for such a long time, you know and Dr. Merle’s brilliant – equally brilliant to Dr. Diamond.*

As a caregiver, it’s hard to remember that you have to care for yourself before you can care for them. It’s helping me to be stronger for him & for myself… Somebody realized that this is what you need when you’re in this situation. It’s pretty expensive when you travel – I can stay in the room with him, and I’m provided a bed, linens, and a laundry here to use. That means a lot.*

There’s no care I have ever experienced to the standard that they have on that floor. It is remarkable.*

…We really connect with other people on the same level.*

They have classes all day long on all of these things that we need to know to be good headache patients, so you’re quite busy. You’re not laying in a bed, you are up and out with the other patients, so it’s a support group situation as well. It’s terrific.*

The doctors are great. I see Dr. Torphy and he is so knowledgeable and nice. He spends as much time as you need with him and doesn't rush through the appointment. I'm so glad I found the clinic and the doctor!*

M.F., Chicago, IL

My view is that it is a wonderful place and the doctors are all very intelligent, caring, and thoughtful.*

S.T., Chicago, IL

I have been a patient at the Diamond Headache Clinic (DHC) for 6+ years. I used to get debilitating migraines/blindness 2 - 3 times a month and nothing I had tried had any discernible effect. After treatment with Dr. Merle, I'm down to having less than one mild headache each month. I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment at the DHC. Their staff is polite and helpful. They always call me to remind me of my appointments a day beforehand. And Merle is one of the most compassionate and intelligent people I've ever met.*

T.S., Chicago, IL

…I went based on a recommendation from another person. Every single person we came into contact with from the person who drew blood, the nurse, the doctor, was personable and cared about what they were doing. They were easy-going and although professional not over the extreme business-like and impersonal. You felt like they were doing this because they wanted to help people not in it for the money.*

S.L., Elgin, IL

I highly recommend this clinic for migraine patients that just can't seem to find any relief.*

T.G., Meridian Charter Township, MI

Dr. Merle Diamond is the kindest, most compassionate doctor I've ever met. She thinks outside the box, trying off-label treatments that have helped me when nothing conventional worked. Doctors like Dr. Diamond are few and far between. I'm very happy she took me as a patient.*

R.W., Arlington, VA

If you suffer from migraine headaches and are reading this because you are considering your treatment options, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment at the Diamond Headache Clinic.*

M.V., Chicago, IL

I've been suffering from horrible, debilitating migraines for about 10 years now. My mom gets them, my sister gets them, and my grandmother used to. I've tried tons of medications, preventative and migraine induced, and I've been to countless doctors. I went to the clinic and was incredibly impressed and surprised at the awesome treatment I received. Since that visit, the quality of my life has gone up considerably.*

S.P., Chicago, IL

What I like, besides the collaborative physician relationship and the 25+ years of experience, was the amount of follow up and support I was provided. I can call anytime; I have a headache journal, a physician assistant to help, bio-feedback, and regular appointment to check in on my symptoms.*

M.W., Denver, CO

Someone is available 24 hours, the staff and doctors are professional and the treatment is world class. I recommend Diamond Headache Clinic to everyone and anyone who suffers from life effecting headaches. They are world-class, knowledge professionals who will bend over backwards to get you healthy. I owe my happiness to this place.*

S.L., Chicago, IL

I can reach a doctor within minutes who can assess my problem & call in the appropriate rx. These great people have literally changed my life.*

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