Sacroiliac Joint Injection

SI Joint Injections for Pain Relief

Among the full range of treatment options offered by the Diamond Headache Clinic is sacroiliac joint injection, or SI injections. How do the sacroiliac joints in the lower spine cause headache? If these joints are dysfunctional, movement abnormalities can affect the joints between the skull and the spine, resulting in head pain. A sacroiliac injection helps relieve your pain by eliminating the inflammation at its source.

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What Are Sacroiliac Joints?

These paired joints are located where the base of the spine meets the pelvis. Sacroiliac joints are susceptible to stress, arthritis and injury, all of which can cause chronic lower back pain and headache.

What Is a Sacroiliac Joint Injection for Headache?

In a sacroiliac injection (SI), a mixture of a local anesthetic and steroid medication is injected into the painful joint to relieve the inflammation and pain. As a diagnostic tool, the initial injection with anesthetic can predict the effectiveness of the procedure. If your pain diminishes, then the doctor knows that the joint is causing your pain. Once this is determined, the steroid is injected to reduce the inflammation and irritation inside the joint and relieve your headache pain.

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The Procedure

SI injections are minimally invasive and quick; it usually takes about 5 – 10 minutes. While generally safe, some patients may suffer side effects and rare complications, so be sure to discuss your overall health condition and any medications you are taking with your doctor before undergoing this procedure.

Sedation is not generally required, but may be given to patients who are extremely anxious. The physician numbs the skin and tissue around the sacroiliac joint with an injection of a local anesthetic. With the patient lying on his or her side, the doctor uses X-ray to guide the thin needle through the numbed skin directly into the sacroiliac joint. A mixture of anesthesia and anti-inflammatory steroid medicine is then injected through the needle directly into the joint. The needle is removed and a bandage is applied to the injection site.

Headache Relief

After the injection, you will be monitored for a short time. You should arrange for a ride home because you may experience some temporary leg weakness. You may also feel a little soreness at the injection site. The pain relief you experience immediately following the procedure is likely due to the anesthesia. This wears off in a few hours and some pain returns until the steroid begins working, which usually occurs in three to five days. After resting for a day or two, you can return to work. The injection can provide relief that lasts between several days to a few months.

If, after a week or two, the first sacroiliac joint injection hasn’t relieved the pain, your doctor may recommend a second injection. If you still have pain after that, you may have a third injection. We don’t recommend more than three injections in a six-month period because if three injections haven’t helped you, then it’s unlikely that another procedure will be effective for your condition.

Complete Headache Care From Diamond Headache Clinic

Diamond Headache Clinic takes a comprehensive approach to treating headache pain. SI joint injection for headache pain is just one of many treatment options available from the skilled physicians at Diamond Headache Clinic.

In addition to sacroiliac joint injection, our physicians offer acupuncture, biofeedback, diet counseling, massage therapy, pharmacological therapy, psychological intervention, BOTOX®, nerve blocks and physical therapy. This well-rounded approach focuses on getting to the bottom of the cause of your headaches to find a true solution. Our goal is to focus on lifestyle improvement that will stop the headaches, with immediate pain relief treatments followed by a long-term plan that promotes health and wellness.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment for Headaches

Diamond Headache Clinic offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment, depending on a patient's needs. Patients who need more intense therapy can utilize our Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit at Saint Joseph Hospital. This unit gives relief to patients with intense symptoms or unrelenting pain.

For those who need less-invasive treatment, we offer headache relief through our outpatient clinic. After a thorough evaluation, our headache specialist will create a custom treatment plan to bring true headache relief. That plan often incorporates SI injections for headaches, as well as other outpatient treatment methods.

Life beyond headaches is possible. All it takes is the help of a headache specialist. With our continuum of care and respectful treatment methods, we will help you find relief from your headaches. Contact Diamond Headache Clinic today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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