New Daily Persistent Headache

Symptoms and Treatment for Chronic Daily Headache in Chicago, IL

New daily persistent headache (NDPH) is a unique condition. Immediately or very soon after onset, a person with no headache history begins to experience an unremitting, daily headache. There are two forms. The self-limiting type goes away within a few months without treatment, while the refractory form is challenging to treat.

A correct diagnosis is vital because symptoms mimic those of other conditions and headache types. You can rely on the experienced physicians at the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, IL to accurately diagnose and treat this headache. Contact us today to learn more.

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What Are the Symptoms of New Daily Persistent Headache?

One of the most unusual, yet telling, symptoms of this condition is that the patient is able to pinpoint the exact date of onset. Other symptoms are:

  • Headache that begins with unremitting pain, or pain that very rapidly becomes daily and unremitting (within 3 days of onset)
  • Bilateral (one-sided) pain
  • Pressing or tightening sensation (not throbbing)
  • Mild or moderate pain intensity
  • Not aggravated by physical activity
  • Sensitivity to light or sound, or mild nausea

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How Is New Daily Persistent Headache Diagnosed?

If you experience symptoms of new daily persistent headache, or chronic daily headache, consult a skilled headache physician at the Diamond Headache Clinic for an accurate diagnosis. Diagnosis of NDPH is challenging because its symptoms resemble those of other headache conditions and diseases, including migraine and tension-type headache. These and other headache conditions must be ruled out before a diagnosis of NDPH can be made.

At the Diamond Headache Clinic, we conduct a complete examination that includes a medical history, physical checkup and neurological testing, such as MRI imaging. During the medical history portion of the exam, you will be asked if your headache began at the time of an infection or flu-like illness, surgery or a stressful period in your life, as NDPH may occur in conjunction with those events. You will also be asked if you know exactly when the pain began; being able to narrow this down helps confirm the diagnosis.

What Are the Chronic Daily Headache Treatment Options?

Unfortunately, NDPH is among the most disabling headache conditions. It does not respond well to traditional abortive or preventive treatments, but there is hope. Some patients respond to anti-seizure medications, while others experience positive results with medications commonly used to treat and prevent migraine. Inpatient treatment with IV-administered drugs may be required to break the pain cycle. The doctors at the Diamond Headache Clinic are committed to helping you manage this condition by finding the best treatment option for your situation.

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